Gear pump

Gear pump is generally applied for lubricating oil or similar fluid that without solid particles or fiber as transfer, lubricating, cooling or booster purpose in various industries.

Screw pump

Textile & Paper: for synthetic fiber liquid, viscosity liquid, dye, printing ink, nylon, powder liquid, black pulp,glue

Petroleum: for crude oil, multi-phase oil, tar, ceresin wax, waste oil

Shipbuilding: for residue oil, stripping, sewage, sea water, bilge water

Food & Pharmacy: for chocolate, milk, honey, tomato ketchup, syrup

Mining: for waste water, drainage of mine and liquid explosive, mortar and plaster

Sewage treatment: for industrial waste water, city sewage and sludge

Multi-phase pump

Applicable for oil, gas and water multi-phase fluid in the oilfied, desert,offshore platform,wellhead.

Lobe pump

Rotary lobe pump is normally applicable for paper and pulp, mining, daily chemical, food, pharmacy, painting and municipal sewage industries.
It is used for coating material, printing ink, resin, dissolvent, slurry, ceramics, distillers' grains, glycerin, sorbic acid, molasses.

Plunger pump

Water injection in the oilfield
Polymer injection
Water treatment and jetting
Flowline circulation & pipeline pigging
High pressure descaling